Voicemail - VPBX's last
line of defense.

If your team isn’t available to handle a call, ask the caller to leave a message. Listen to their request and respond quickly and appropriately.

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Voicemail - VPBX's last  line of defense. Get Demo

Voicemail is a virtual telephony function that will help you maintain contact with a customer who has been unable to reach a live operator, and will provide them with an opportunity to make a request, express a concern, or be called back.

After the caller records the voice message, the system will email the designated employee with the recording based on the chosen scenario.

ISAP Network Voicemail

  • Stay informed of any missed calls to the company and reach back out to callers with accurate information
  • Provide additional scenarios to the caller for a dynamic customer service experience
  • Give callers the possibility to leave a voicemail at any time, even outside of business hours

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VPBX VoiceMail by ISAP Network – Your Trusted Tool for Staying in Touch with Customers and Leads

One of the marks of a customer-friendly business is its round-the-clock accessibility. However, unless you are an international corporation with contact centers around the world, there is no way you can be available on the phone 24/7 to take your clients’ calls and answer their questions. So, what can a business do to keep providing excellent services even outside of their traditional business hours? The answer is to employ an advanced VPBX Voicemail solution like ISAP Network!

What does Voicemail by ISAP Network do?

Voicemail is a useful extension of the modern virtual PBX solution by ISAP Network. It gives borh your clients and leads an opportunity to leave a message when no one is available to answer the phone. By reaching out to you at your voicemail box number, your customers can record a message, explaining their requests, concerns, or questions, ask for a call back call from your employees at the time that is most suitable for them, and even make an order to be handled later.

Companies that strive to be highly efficient in everything they do can have a few voice mail numbers, each dedicated to a specific purpose. For example, there can be a separate number for your sales team, your finance department, and your customer service team. This way, in case your outside-of-business-hours phone call traffic is extensive, you will not have to waste time sorting out a large volume of calls intended for different divisions.

What are the main advantages of ISAP Network Voicemail?

The most essential advantage of having a voicemail solution integrated into your VPBX system is giving your customers a chance to reach you at any time. However, there are other things it can help you do:

  • Access and manage voice messages from customers at any time, from anywhere – not a single call goes unanswered.
  • Dial voicemail and check new messages from customers from any phone or suitable device.
  • Configure custom voicemail greeting to make your clients feel comfortable and provide them with information about your company.
  • Have your designated managers receive instant email notifications about new messages from customers.
  • Ease the workload on your call center by assigning each department an individual voicemail number.
  • Keep track of all the calls – received and returned by your employees – to measure the efficiency of your business processes and eliminate any communication roadblocks.