Stop losing calls with long waiting times, transfers, and overall confusion.

Call Queue is a simple and convenient tool to educate callers and increase the loyalty of your customers.

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Stop losing calls with long waiting times, transfers, and overall confusion. Get Demo

In an ideal world, a customer would never have to wait to speak to a company employee. In reality, companies receive A LOT of calls every day. Therefore, at some point, there may not be a free manager to answer the call.

The ISAP Network Call Queue comes to the rescue at this time to make sure you don’t lose callers. This tool is automatically activated when all scripted employees are busy.

In this case, the next incoming call will go to the queue, the client will be informed of the situation, and instantly transferred to the first free specialist.

Some of our killer features

How does it work?

ISAP Network's Call Queue tool will calculate the approximate wait time for the caller.

An automated voice response will inform the caller of how long their wait time is, or what number they are in the queue. You can also provide information about your company, or different options they can choose from.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Call Processing Scenarios

Unique queues can be formed for different call processing scenarios.

For example, if a call comes from a high quality lead or a VIP customer, the Virtual PBX can set a priority queue.

That means they will jump ahead of the line to ensure that you don’t lose potential business.

Call Processing Scenarios

Call Processing Scenarios

Statistics and Analytics

The call queue tracks the workload of your employees. If call waiting time increases, either your employees need to improve their sales pitch or customer service, or you need to hire more employees.

Stop losing out on customers. The ISAP Network Auto Callback feature will instantly call back anyone who wants to receive a call but does not want to wait in the queue.

The use of call queue reporting will help identify problems within your call center or office so that you can take timely measures to eliminate them.

Statistics and Analytics

Statistics and Analytics

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Set Your Business Up for Success with ISAP Network Call Queue Function

For a small company, a missed call often equals a missed opportunity to make a profit or take its business a step further. Prospective and existing customers who try to reach you by phone and fail to get the information they need quickly and effectively will most likely choose to turn to another provider and spend their money elsewhere.

Seeking to increase their brand awareness, business owners invest generously into marketing campaigns, not quite thinking about how they are going to handle all the phoning that will follow. As a result, many inbound calls from interested leads go unanswered, which ultimately belittles the effort you put into it.

Of course, you can always allocate more people to man the telephone; however, that would be wasting a valuable and limited resource that can be better used on other business tasks. A more sensible choice is to employ a smart virtual PBX solution with an in-built call queue feature.

What is a virtual call queue?

Every caller hates being put on hold but, in business, asking a client to wait may well be the end of your budding relationship with them. The whole thing makes people feel like their time is not valued enough or their interest is disregarded. Utilizing a call queue feature allows you to offer a much more friendly and enjoyable telephonic experience to your customers and your employees alike.

A call queue is a handy virtual PBX function that helps arrange inbound calls into a queue to be routed to and answered by your available agents. To put it crudely, managing calls on queue is how you do not lose your calling customers if none of your employees is free to attend to them at the moment.

Call queuing is a technology long adopted by the largest and most successful corporations. While companies that use Microsoft phone systems understandably opt for their teams call queue functionality, there are other exciting options to test as well. Small businesses with limited budgets can surely benefit from a wide range of virtual PBX systems with call queuing capabilities that match those offered by the call queue microsoft teams products but are much more affordable.

Top-3 key benefits of using a call queue function along with your virtual PBX solution:

  1. Great reduction in wait times – lower abandonment rates.

Not keeping your callers on hold makes for a superb customer experience. Having a call queue will help your agents manage their busy periods more effectively and considerably reduce the average wait time for your customers. The number of callers who choose to take their leave before you even get the chance to talk to them will decrease as well.

  1. Fair load distribution between call agents.

The feature should help you make sure the work gets evenly and fairly distributed between agents. Using it, you will also be able to analyze which of your operators are most efficient and which ones are struggling and, therefore, need additional training.

  1. A substantial decrease in operating costs.

By making use of the call queue feature, you can cut your operational expenses without compromising the quality of your customer service. Instead of spending money on additional equipment and new hires, you will be able to free up agents to work on other essential tasks and not worry about calls going unanswered or mishandled.

Why invest in the Call Queue software by ISAP Network?

Call Queue by ISAP Network is an easy and customizable tool that helps manage incoming calls in the most convenient and time-efficient fashion. This feature is designed to help small business owners bring down their missed or unanswered calls to the minimum and increase overall customer satisfaction with the service.

The Call Queue function by ISAP Network can calculate the estimated hold time for each client, inform the caller on how soon they will be helped, and provide useful information about the company while they are waiting. With its help, you can activate different processing scenarios and make sure every customer receives the kind of personalized treatment that makes them feel special and valued