Present visitors with an effective call-to-action on your website.

Offer potential clients relevant call-to-action options based on their behavior on your website.

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Present visitors with an effective call-to-action on your website. Get Demo

The Lead Generator is a tool that interacts with a client on your website at a designated time, increasing the rate of conversion.

The Lead Generator takes into account the behavior of the visitor and invites them to take an action via a popup: schedule a call, send a request, or respond to a promotion.

How the Lead Generator Works

The operating conditions of the lead generator are flexibly configured, and fully depend on YOUR needs as a business.

You may focus on promotions, phone calls, webforms, or test multiple ways of interacting with your customers!

Set up a lead generator scenario:

Determine the target action

Select a segment of visitors and conditions for displaying the form

Customize the look

Track all enquiries and conversion growth in a special report

Types of Lead Generator Scenarios

Call Generator

The Call Generator is a popup window that offers a visitor the option to receive a call back, which is shown at a specific time, for example: When a visitor exhibits exit-intent from your website.

From the client’s side, the generator looks like a popup contact form. To talk to the operator, you just need to enter your phone number, request a time, and prepare to answer the incoming call.

This functionality works great for visitors who are browsing the contact page looking for a phone number or email address.

Call Generator

Call Generator

Contact Form Generator

This popup form works great if your managers do not have the opportunity to call the client directly.

The visitor will enter their information and make a request to your business. It can be to place an order, resolve an issue, receive a quote, etc.

Contact Forms work at all hours, including nights and weekends. Visitors will have the opportunity to contact the company without the concern of missing business hours.

Contact Form Generator

Contact Form Generator

Custom Forms

Personal forms are promotions, gifts and special offers that help increase interest, engagement, and conversions.

Custom forms are good because they allow the client not only to leave their contact information, but to respond to an actual product offering. This significantly increases the chances of collecting warm leads for retargeting, emails for your newsletter, and purchases.

Custom Forms

Custom Forms

ISAP Network Lead Generator is the easiest way to collect leads

Custom Forms
An offer that will definitely interest the user
Custom Forms
Segment selection and display schedule
Custom Forms
Setting limits and repetition rate
Custom Forms
Performance analysis and detailed reports

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Fuel Your Company Growth with the ISAP Network Lead Generation System

Lead generation is a highly effective digital marketing process that has successfully withstood the test of time. It implies the action of establishing and stimulating prospective customers who will be interested in buying the products or services you have to offer.

Regardless of what your business niche is, there ought to be a target audience searching for you on the Internet. The success of your marketing sales efforts will depend on how quickly you can capture your lead’s attention and whether you can hold it long enough to turn them into buying customers. That is where lead gen programs can come in very handy.

How does lead generation technology help businesses?

Online lead generation solutions are an excellent way to quickly build and develop a digital relationship with your customers. The lead gen business tools that you employ on your company website work to engage the attention of first-time visitors and collect their contact information in an automated fashion. This spares business owners the need to manually search for customers elsewhere on the Web and, instead, allows them to focus on delivering great value to their clients.

Investing in an automatic lead generation solution for your website will bring your business the following benefits:

  • Turn visitors into buying customers.
  • Get useful insight from prospective buyers on your services and products.
  • Automate certain business processes and make them more efficient.
  • Improve the overall quality of leads.
  • Streamline the customer strategy and facilitate the sales process.

By equipping your website with lead generator software, you can personalize the experience for every customer and deliver relevant content tailored to the specific needs of each visitor. The solution will analyze your leads’ behavior on the website, which will allow you to offer them the most appropriate and meaningful CTA options.

Why choose the lead generation solution by ISAP Network?

ISAP Network is a trusted product that offers a comprehensive toolset for professional telephony, efficient management of inbound phone calls, quality marketing, and advanced lead generation.

The lead generator by ISAP Network is a capable instrument intended to help business owners effectively convert their website visitors into active customers. By interacting with the customer on your website at just the right time and in the manner that is most appealing to the client, the lead generator can help boost your conversion rate many times.

This lead generation program closely analyzes the visitor’s behavior on the site and then prompts a popup option that urges them to take further actions, such as submit a request, arrange for a callback, or answer to a promotional event. Here is a quick overview of each of the three CTA scenarios enabled by the ISAP Network lead gen tool:

  1. Call generator popup.

This feature generates popups inviting the customer to schedule a callback. Popup windows are shown to the customer at a designated time and with a specific purpose in mind, for example, to prevent website abandonment.

When to use? The function is particularly helpful if you seek to facilitate the customer’s navigation on your website and make it easier for them to find your company’s contact information.

  1. Contact form generator popup.

This popup allows your customers to contact your business other than by requesting a callback. Using this form, a client can place an order with your business, ask for a price quote, leave their feedback, or resolve some issue.

When to use? The functionality works best when you want to leave a communication channel open at all times for your customers to be able to reach you outside your business hours.

  1. Personal form popups.

These custom forms are a great way to engage with the client directly without waiting for them to ask you for information. The personal form popups feature can help promote your customers’ interest and increase conversions.

When to use? Use this function if you not only want to collect your customers’ contact details but also encourage them to engage with a specific product proposal.

One of the best features of this tool is how flexible and customizable it is. You can easily configure the parameters of the lead generator to meet the unique needs and demands of your business. You decide how much focus you want to place on a particular type of on-page interaction with the customer. You may choose to start with phone calls and promotions and then switch to webforms to see which one will benefit the sales lead generation process the most.