Process inquiries from your website in 30 seconds.

After a potential client completes the form on your website, count to 30. Your manager will already be on the phone with them.

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Process inquiries from your website in 30 seconds. Get Demo

The Web Form Auto Callback is a tool that connects to our Form Tracking feature and allows you to automatically initiate a new outbound call from the company to your customer within 30 seconds of them filling out a contact form on your website.

Since the call is initiated by the system, all conversations are recorded and stored in your ISAP Network account for further analysis.

How does The Web Form Auto Callback work?

Step 1

Connect our code to any pop-up form on your website

Step 2

The visitor fills in the fields you specified: name, phone, email and others

Step 3

A call is immediately made to your operator and your site visitor

Within 30 seconds, your representative will be on the phone with a potential client.

How does The Web Form Auto Callback work?

How does The Web Form Auto Callback work?

Test it out. Right now. ⟶

We can tell you about Auto Callback all day. But the only way to truly understand how it works is to experience it for yourself.

Fill out the form below and receive a test call in 30 seconds.

Immediately after the form is completed, a robot will call you and read out an automated message.

Think about how this process can be applied to your business!

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The ‘WOW’ effect

This is how visitors will react when their application form on your site is immediately processed and they receive a call from your team.


Auto Callback increases conversion rate and satisfies customers. Test it out!

The ‘WOW’ effect

The ‘WOW’ effect

Form Tracking

Never lose or forget about a form inquiry from your website again.

All data will be automatically saved in the ISAP Network account and added to your CRM for immediate processing and subsequent interaction with the client.

Form Tracking

Form Tracking

Automated Voice Message

Set up a voice prompt for the customer to hear before the manager is connected to the call.

You can give the customer important information in preparation for the conversation.

In the meantime, you can send a message to your manager telling them which site the inquiry came from, through which form it was sent, and even which advertising channel the visitor came from.

Knowing this data, the chances of closing the deal significantly increase.

Automated Voice Message

Automated Voice Message

Call recording

Record, store, and analyze conversations with your customers.

You can then listen and download any conversation in your personal account, and control access for specific departments or employees.

Use this data to better understand your customers.

Call recording

Call recording

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Web Form Auto Callback for Lead Generation - Make Use of Every Opportunity That Comes Your Way

One of the most efficient ways in which potential customers often choose to express their interest in a company’s services or products, is by using various forms on the website. Once they fill out the form and press “Submit”, the ball is in your court. How quickly and efficiently your business can respond to the lead’s inquiry can be the difference between scoring a new loyal customer and losing the prospect for good.

Sadly, the latter scenario is more common, with around 70% of all new leads being frittered away simply because it can take a sales manager or a customer support specialist up to 2 days to reach out to the client. What is the point of investing in numerous lead gen campaigns and marketing activities if you lose over half of your leads before they ever get a chance to convert?

What is Web Form Auto Callback by ISAP Network?

ISAP Network has designed a specialized auto callback tool that triggers an outbound call with the customer as soon as they show their interest by filling out the form on the site. The feature is called Web Form Auto Callback for Lead Generation, and it is a powerful instrument for automating your team’s process for contacting a lead.

If your managers need a bit more time to prepare for the call and read up on the customer’s information to offer them a more personalized attention and service, the feature lets you record an automated voice message that the client will hear before the call goes through. The information recorded in the voice prompt contains details about your business or any of its aspects that can be useful for the customer and motivate them to close a deal.

Furthermore, as it is tied to ISAP Network's Call Tracking feature, the Web Form Auto callback function can help you collect and analyze all the essential information about a call. The conversation itself and all the data connected to it will be stored in your ISAP Network account and synchronized with the CRM your team is using.

Anytime you need to know who and when initiated a call, what the reason for the call was, which channel it came through, or what advertising campaign helped bring in the lead, the details will be immediately accessible and easily retrievable for a comprehensive analysis by your specialists. Thanks to the robust form tracking capabilities of the ISAP Network solution, you will never have to deal with a web form inquiry getting misplaced, left out, or unanswered again.

How can Web Form Auto Callback by ISAP Network help your business?

The Web Form Auto Callback feature can help your business retain its web form leads, streamline the overall business processes, and improve its budget spend in a few unique ways:

Lower telecom expenses. Reduce the number of callers queuing up to speak with your managers by initiating auto callback on busy days. The volume of inbound calls will be lower if your leads and customers know their web form interest will be addressed quickly and properly.

Reduce lead the abandonment rate. Stop losing leads because there is no one to answer their web form inquiry on time

Make form and call tracking easier. Keep all the web form-generated outbound call statistics in one place for easy retrieval and analysis.

Enhance employee productivity. Alleviate stress for your call center employees and managers by spreading the workload more evenly and fairly.

Increase customer satisfaction. Make your customers feel valued and important by having one of your managers give them a call within seconds after they submit a web form request.