Turn your website visitors into inbound phone leads.

Give your visitors an easy-to-use form pop-up and have them schedule a time to talk that’s convenient for them. ISAP Network will organize your conversation and connect the call.

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Turn your website visitors into inbound phone leads. Get Demo

The Callback Widget allows a potential client to select a date and time that is convenient for them to speak to a representative. At the specified time, ISAP Network will automatically call one of your managers, connect them to the lead, record the conversation, and save it to the Calls Log.

How does it work?

Callback Widget
Callback Widget

The widget can pop up on any webpage based on your preferences. It appears as a special branded contact form on the site that allows visitors to enter their phone number and leave a request for a call back.


The visitor enters their phone number and selects the date and time for a call. Auto callback will be initiated automatically, at the exact time and date specified.


At the specified time, ISAP Network will call the customer’s phone and the operator’s phone simultaneously, and connect the two. Your team member will be equipped with a whisper message.

Clients and companies save time & money

Clients and companies save  time & money

Clients and companies save time & money

A call from the site is free for the client and is economically beneficial for the company: calls via the sitephone are normal outgoing calls at the rates of your Virtual PBX. At the same time, the main business benefit is sales growth. On average, a Callback Widgetk increases the total number of company calls by 10%.

Our special reports monitor the effectiveness of your service. With this data, you can track how many additional hits the widget brings to your business compared to before it was implemented.

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CallBack Widget for Lead Generation Helps Your Leads Connect To You Faster.

Your website can be so much more than just a convenient online location where visitors can learn about your business, its products, services, prices, and special offers. With the minimum input of your efforts and time, you can turn your company website into a powerful platform for bringing in new leads and converting them into loyal customers. All you need to do is to equip your business with the right tools and features that will make the process easier for your employees and more enjoyable for your customers.

What is the CallBack Widget by ISAP Network?

One such tool, in particular, designed specifically to help you transform your regular site visitors into inbound call leads is ISAP Network's CallBack Widget for Lead Generation. The widget allows you to introduce a handy and clever pop-up form to your site that will be shown to visitors at appropriate times, urging them to schedule a phone call conversation with one of your managers.

Once your website visitors request the callback widget to organize such a call, the information will be analyzed, saved, and synced with your CRM, your managers will be immediately notified of the customer’s wish, and ISAP Network will initiate the said call strictly at the requested time.

Who can benefit from using the CallBack Widget by ISAP Network?

The ISAP Network's CallBack Widget feature is beneficial for companies and customers alike. With its help, your prospective customers do not have to spend their time trying to reach out to you by phone and having to wait in a queue to speak to your managers. As a result, the lead abandonment rate is decreased, and higher customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Business owners that are using this widget will enjoy a significant reduction in their telecom service costs and a rapid increase in sales growth. The number of calls made to customers can add over 10% to its original volume within just the first month.

Thanks to the superb widget display callback filtering capabilities, you will have no difficulty monitoring your team’s success rate. The information about every call initiated by this tool will be stored in the ISAP Network system, integrated with your CRM, and can be easily retrieved for in-depth analysis at any time.