Virtual Phone Numbers in 2022: Available Options and How to Use Them

  Virtual landlines completely revolutionized the way many companies approach phone calls. As opposed to physical landlines, virtual ones don’t limit you to a specific location. All you need is an Internet connection and your customer support can connect with clients from any part of the world. Virtual phone numbers become more popular each day, […]

Ensure the Best Communication with Customers in 10 Steps

Keeping in contact with existing and potential customers should be a priority for any business. At the moment, a lot of companies focus on developing their social media presence, which only makes sense because of their popularity. Millions of people use social media sites and apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others, on a […]

Virtual Phone Numbers: Which Type Is Right for Your Business?

  Virtual phone numbers have become a part of the corporate world thanks to their affordability and easy setup. Companies that are concerned with the quality of their customer support pay a lot of attention to how they can effectively communicate with clients. There are numerous providers of virtual phone number systems, including ISAP Network. If […]

Call Recording: What Are the Advantages for Businesses?

  Call recording is not a new practice, as it is a tool that has been implemented by different organizations and companies for many years. The reason for the use of this technology is to earn more profits by learning about the needs and preferences of your customers. But, what exactly is this technology, and […]

IP-telephony for Online Stores: We provide high-quality communication and flexible call distribution scenarios

How do customers communicate effectively with an online store? It starts with a stable telephone connection and a fair distribution of workload amongst your employees.

0800 Numbers: What Are They and How Do They Work?

  Phone numbers can be different depending on a range of factors. One of the common categories for companies includes 0800 numbers, as they allow businesses to offer free phone calls to their customers. The vast majority of large organizations, both businesses and charities, have these numbers so that people can reach them easily without […]

GDPR and How to Legally Record Calls in the UK

  Call recording is one of the most useful features for any company. Phone calls are inevitable and using the information you get from your existing and potential clients can help give your business a significant boost. When it comes to the UK, there is a lot of confusion regarding GDPR and other laws that […]

Call Recording and Consent for Companies: Does It Matter?

  The topic of call recording is quite a complex one, as regulations regarding this technology differ depending on states and countries. Call recording may be completely legal in your particular state, but the adjacent state may have different rules. Marketing teams of companies can benefit greatly from recording their conversations with customers, so it’s […]